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The SwingBunch© site owner takes no responsibility about the update of the site's content - please check everything with the respective party before making decisions or plan a night out.

When attending a Swing Bunch© event (or related) you must be aware that your photo might be taken by anyone directly or indirectly involved with the Swingbunch© and might therefore be published on this site. The site owner takes no responsibility in this regard: if you appear in any of the picture please email the webmaster and it will be removed if you like.

Outdoor parties are coordinated by the Swing Bunch© community and promoted through this website. Each participant, either as a dancer or as a spectator, does so at his/her own risk and the Swing Bunch© (either community or website) takes no responsibility for any action or injury caused or sustained during those events.

The Swing Bunch is an on-line community virtually based around this website - no event can use the SwingBunch© name in any way if it is NOT planned, organized or run with the consent of oth the SwingBunch© founders (Mark Skipper and Federica Squadrilli).

All references to persons and venues are made in good faith: we will remove any of it upon request.

The SwingBunch© site uses cookies to register web statistics. These are NOT used for Marketing or Advertising purposes and no personal datas are recorded.



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