We were fearing the heat?

Sunday July 28th, for those of us not lucky enough to make it to Herrang, we organized yet another event - this time, helped by the short hot weather we thought of bringing some Hawaiian flavour to the East End. With some tunes to put us in the mood, come in your best beach wear! Anything went...sarongs for ladies and boys too, bikinis for the most daring, flowers, garlands, straw hats, shorts and flower shirts, sunglasses, parrots, palm trees (thanks to Daisy and Sian with their help in decorating).

Martin Dj Smartie did a set as always very appreciated and much enjoyed by the dancers...the temperature must have been BOILING like 40c but we had fun, finishing with 'in the heat of the night' chosen by our resident dj Bitterjug who was wearing his best outfit so far (a 20s style men's bathing suit)

Photos here all by Roadstar



Download invite for July 28th

'In one word........STEAMY!!' - Sian

'As a certain Tigger said of Thistles:
But a great time.
Thx to all.' - Martin M

'what a cool evening .... erm..., let me rephrase that ... what a HOT
thank yous all round to Mark and Fede and also DJ Smartie and everyone who
turned out in their best beach gear for a fab time last night ... i don't
think i've been so worn out by the heat (bar maybe some of the nights at
herrang...) in a long time ... truly felt like being on the beach [just no
sea to cool down in!]
"in the heat of the night" was a truly apt end to the veneing .... although
Mark, i was wondering why you didn't play "its too darn hot!" ... ;-)
hugs'n'kisses to all'