The night went well like the previous one. Some new people joined in and it was nice to see that the word is indeed spreading around about our party. Shame some of our original 'bunch' couldn't make it (Marine, Daisy, Norman...where were you?) but it was a good night, with more prizes to give away at the Raffle (with Mithi winning the CD + Tshirt and Vanessa getting 4 out of three prizes!). B'day boy Francois had not one but two dances, the second one with a different lad'Y', none the other that our FAB DJ bitterjug aka mark...

The music was great as usual with a guest dj Ronnie Slide playing a set and some bluesy numbers to finish off the smooching at the end of the night. By request we also had some Nelly, Britney, and yes! Much to enjoyment of freddy and sian, we had the Time Warp!

Pringles and talc completed the bar make it yet another Swing Bunch event. Thanks *AS EVER* to all who came and helped and enjoyed themselves...we did!




Sunday Jan 27th

'Thank you so much for organising yet another great night.' Liz

' I really must say this.........Hats off to the organisers of Urban Swing!!!
And of course to DJ Bitterjug!!!
I've never failed to have fun at these events and last night was no
exception.......from our usual swing music and some brilliant blues numbers
to Bjork and Britney Spears and, of course, not forgetting our Time was a fun-filled night of dancing and chatting!!' Sian

Check the Urban Bar!

Words from our DJ Bitterjug:
' It feels like a great privilege for me to choose and play the music for
these parties. I have enjoyed it very much. In the words of Lee Press-On:
     "thank you for encouraging our behaviour".