Swing into winter: Urban Swing is back already upon huge demands

So was it good or was it bad? Well judging by the enthusiasm of the majority of dancers and djs it was indeed a success...some people didn't quite enjoyed the musical variety and that is a shame considering how much effort everyone had put into this session. Taking over from DJ Bitterjug is not an easy task and pleasing a huge crowd is difficult! Our guest djs have surely done a great job, from Mel who has undertaken the physical task of setting up and carrying the equipment to the djs from Mel himself (Itchy) to Olly Monkey Boy, Jessica DJPY, Tom, Martin M, Rohit, Helen and of course DJbitterjug. Thanks to Sian and Mithi for their constant support and every one who turned up and danced.

If anyone likes to read the 'debate' on the CrazyHour, log on to our mailing list space on yahoo, as it is too long to report here.

Here's to the next one!


Pictures by Mel      
Pictures by Dj Bitterjug    
Photos by Dj Monkey Boy :(l)    




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'Sunday was a blast....
still coming down from the high of spinning some discs....
mister kerwin, your jazz toons were gorgeous.' Helen

'Just a few words of appreciation for yet another great party.
Many thanks to the DJs, many were debut performances yet all delivered
par excellence.
Also special mention to Mel and Jessica who I guessed were Kingpin and Queenpin for this event.'

'Firstly, thanks to Mel, Jessica, Fede, Mark, everybody. That was a blast.'
Martin M

'thanks to EVERYONE involved, for making this a fun and freaky evening.
That's Mel and the Talcum Fairy and Sian and Fede, and all the DJs and ALL
the Dancers too! It takes us all to make it fun, and if we went crazy for a
hour, then oops.
personally, and this is only my own 2 ha'penth worth, i enjoy trying to
swing to weird stuff.
it is all about being flexible as a dj, adapt, adopt, improve.
Olly Monkey boy

Mel was absolutely THE MAN. His equipment was great, and the amp only got
stroppy a couple of times. Did you get the kit home ok? And thank you to the
talcum fairy and all the other helpful organising people.

man what a night!
i don't think I've enjoyed myself quite so much in the last god
knows how many months....
thanks to all the djs (man we've got a helluva lot of talent out
there!) esp mel for setting up and keeping everyone in order.