Swing into winter: Urban Swing is back!!

Here we go, after the very successful summer events, spontaneously organized by the London Swing community every other sunday at the South Bank, we go indoors again.

Mark sums up the evening: 'A smaller cosier party than some of our previous nights, but several people told me how much they had enjoyed it. The Bar said they were busy so I think we're ok to use them again, provided THEY FIX THE AMP!'

Thanks to everybody who helped make the party a success, that means everybody who came! But especially:

  • Jessica aka 'DJPJ'
  • Colin aka 'Scratchy'
  • Mel aka 'Itchy'
  • Ollie aka 'monkey Boy'
  • Fede aka 'freddy kruger'
  • Denise
  • Sian
  • Mark our super resident DJ bitterjug

'just like to say I had a great time last night - Urban Swing is always fab! The technological splutterings didn't impede enjoyment too much!'

'In my (worthless) opinion, techie hiccups really don't matter to friends who have come together for a dance and to catch up with people we haven't seen in ages. I had a fab time inspite of that!! THANK YOU, Organisers of Urban Swing and DJs!!
Sian xx




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