London Lindy Exchange 2003

And it happened! paling for months and it actually happened and was a huge success by judging of the people who came from all over the world and the smiles on everyone's faces! Urban Sunday went well, 12 hours of music, with an afternoon start and a constant number of people on the dancefloor. Even if for the first and only time we had to charge and entry of £5 (promise never again!) people still came to the Urban Bar in numbers.

Thanks to everyone who djed (Freddy Kruger, MC Mel, Little Colin, Jo Jo, Rob, Smartie, Kyle, Linda, and of course our fab resident Bitterjug!) Thanks to everyone who has helped first and foremost Daisy and her enthusiasm, Marine, Jim and everyone on the door and who helped in any way on this Exchange.


Photos by Fede and Martin Midgeley




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"Sunday, relaxed informal dancing at its best with a real party atmosphere. Monday ... work :( I know all the regular people who organise dance do's do a great job, but
the credit for this weekend must go to the people on this list who
organised, planed, created flyers, the web site, put up people, ferried
people around, worked the doors, sorted out the welcome packs. To all you
guys thanks for a great weekend, you are a total credit to the London Lindy

"Even more thanks and congratulations to everyone - that was the best dancing
weekend I've had in ages! Can't wait for next year..."Tom

"thanks everyone for the fantastic weekend!  Hello to all the Swingbunch
people that I've managed to meet during the weekend. It was lovely putting
faces to names and dances to faces. " Dawn

"Well, how GREAT was that?!?  I'm still floating around with a goofy grin on my face - all smug at work today knowing that but- nobody could have had the blast of a week-end that I had.Here's to the Bunch - we done good." Louisa

Paula's Thanks (too long and nice to edit!) Click